Saturday, November 13, 2010

watching paint dry.

i found a new apartment--new neighborhood, new outlook on vancouver.
and while i watch the paint dry in my old apartment (hurry up paint--it's getting dark and i don't have any more lights here) i figured i'd reflect on my new-found attitude and personal aesthetic.

i've decided to fully embrace the vancouver lifestyle and my daily outfit consists of at least 12 layers, skinny paints (usually black, usually luon, usually from lululemon), and one seriously chunky pair of army boots.
my hair just touched my shoulders (in the shower, soaking wet, but that's not the point) and i've begun listening to mid-90s grunge rock. i always wanted to be angela from my-so-called-life and now, thankyouvancouver, i finally can be.

i also used to DIE over jared leto. notsomuch now since the whole '30seconds to mars' androgynous thing he's got going on, but whatevs. you'll always be jordan catalano to me, jared.