Sunday, May 30, 2010

bitter procrastination...

and the one thing that would make me happy tomorrow (besides yoga at 6:45am)...

i'm supposed to be working right now, but i'm so over this weather right now that i can't do anything other than daydream about how delicious it would be to rock my Flow Y bra from lululemon with my uniqlo overalls. granted, i know it's the pacific northwest and it rains a lot, but seriously people? it's almost june! i'm desperate for an early 90's with me here mother nature!
on the positive side, i guess i've got some time where i *could order this delightful little pendleton backpack i found at opening ceremony.

ahhhhhhhhh...sunday workouts.

i *heart the leisurely attitude of a good sunday workout. i used to covet and cherish my saturday yoga, but now that i'm blessed to be able to enjoy these sessions during the week, it's become a constant that i still cherish, but don't uphold in the same unabashed gluttinous glory as i do my leisurely sunday workouts. perhaps it's because my yoga sessions still tie me to some sort of clock or schedule...i don't know.

all i do know is yesterday i had the best practice EVER. and today i enjoyed a 4 mile run along the seawall with a little dirty dancing inspired weight session after. minus the head bands and hot shots of my a$$ in tight shorts, of course.

and it's 2 pm and i still have yet to shower.

MAN i love me sundays.

happy memorial weekend to all my american peeps.
jealous because ya'll get TWO sundays this week. i had mine last week. i believe it wasn't raining. although it might've been raining and in my head i chose to remember it as sunny and 75.

Monday, May 24, 2010

happy May 2-4

i'm spending mine watching daytime television with a cat in my lap followed by a bit of antiquing in the 'burbs and topping it off with a side of yoga...
how are you spending yours?

just to clarify for the few friends of mine that actually read my blog (amanda, that's you). since you're all american, this is pretty much the equivalent to our 'memorial day'. apparently in canada, we
celebrate the queen's birthdays whereas in the US we have military inspired holidays. although it's canada, so they call it 'may 2-4' because that's how many beers come in the case you buy to drink on 'may 2-4'. this year it's extra special because it actually falls on, well, may 2-4.

just a little update for me...i haven't fallen off the face of the earth, or (unfortunately) been so wrapped up in my own happiness that i've neglected to blog for the past three months. just been busy...a trip to NY, another trip to wonder i've chosen to spend the majority of my long weekend on a couch with a ball of fur in my lap.

off the top of my head, here's a few things i'm particularly loving today:
  • i'm loving the fact that backstreet boys are performing live on the early show....kind of wishing that i was there singing along. i also love the fact that nick carter still does his hand thing, they still do the 'squat and walk toward the camera shuffle' and that they're coming out with a new album. delicious. i also love that AJ's still rocking the role of bad-a$$ heart throb. it's like i'm 18 all over again...*sigh*. now play 'don't break my heart' so i can have a little dance party in my living room before i get ready for my day of antiquing.
  • i'm also loving that refinery29 posted a little blurb about skinny drop-crotch jeans. i vote 'rad'. i mean, who doesn't want to feel their crotch dangling down by their knee caps? guys--you should be particularly excited about this one. think of how much easier your pick-up's on a friday night are going to be.
  • the weather...for now. it's not raining at the moment, and i believe i can see a sliver of blue sky peeking through. i've stopped looking at the weekly forecast...last i checked it was rain or showers (i love it when the string of weather is so depressing they try to mix up the terminology, as if that will make it better) and a high of like, 57. last i checked it was supposed to be damn near 90 in michigan. how does THAT work out?
  • LOST finally ended. no offense to you LOST-ers, but i never started watching it, and i don't intend to. thankfully it's over so now we can talk about far more important topics of conversation at work, like real housewives NYC or whether kristen really IS preggers with rob's baby.
  • SHAKSUKA! i got to go to israel on my last onsite and experienced the delicious wonders of poached eggs in tomatoes with pita. make it. eat it. it's life changing. i've also been slightly obsessed with sugar free pistachio jell-o pudding, but i wouldn't recommend it to the general population.
  • the ball of fur in my lap. happiness is a four-legged creature sprawled in your lap each morning. i'm convinced we could have world peace if we just enforced a mandate that all government leaders must start their day with a dose of this. or a jimmy dean's commercial....just sayin'.
What i'm NOT loving at the moment:
  • FYI: AJ is engaged and off the market. i'd say 'give up the dream' but it's not official till there's a ring on that finger, right? BSB's have also decided to sing a little 'i want it that way'. slow songs should only be used for bathroom or beer breaks during long concerts. give me some 'backstreet's back', damnit!
  • brittany murphy's husband was found dead this morning. that whole situtation....messed up and sad.
  • the oil spill. BP=IDIOTS. why wouldn't you create and 'off' switch somewhere? Obama/US government--you should've taken action sooner. with all our modern technology it's a shame and travesty that it's still leaking oil. the damage to the environment is going to be irreversible.

so that's what's new in my world...i'll try and be a bit more proactive about updating this amanda, since you're the only one that reads it. ;) i'll read yours, too. we can be each other's biggest fans.