Sunday, September 26, 2010

my BHAG and the setting of one massive intention.

i'm putting this out to the universe: by christmas (of this year) i will be in a committed relationship with an amazingly scruffy, successful man. he is a writer, with a collection of plaid woven shirts, crisp denim jeans, and sperry topsiders lining his closet. when it gets cold, he dons a pea coat and minimalist gray thermal scarf.
he doesn't believe in socks, which is great because neither do i.

he opens my eyes to the world of literature, i open his to the world of fashion. together we shop the farmer's market on the weekends, walk the sea wall, and take in a new restaurant, exhibit, or movie.

i've tried plenty of fish (as you've all witnessed) and i've tried this man i'm describing does not believe in internet dating: he prefers reading to internet surfing, and only opens his laptop up to blog or download documentaries in itunes.

this means that i need to:
1. get the hell off POF
2. get out in the real world.

i'm taking a challenge: the 'how i met my man' challenge (as desperate as this makes me seem).
i want to know how you (all 3 of my readers) met your husband/boyfriend/partner, and i'm going to re-enact these events and see what happens. call it my version of a 30 day challenge.

email me your stories @
let's make this happen.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

been a while since i've had a good POF story.

attached to a message:

i don't really have much else to say.
he's been single for 6 months, looking for someone to spend the winter months with, and lives in burnaby.

he told me he liked my pics. i told him i'd recommend not flashing ass until at least the second or third message.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

gut check.

i was skimming over previous blog entries i'd written and came across this excerpt from one of my very first entries, in which i'd set my intention for the year:

my mantra or words for 2010.
happy--i will find what makes me happy and i will own it.
trust--i will learn to trust myself first. when i can learn to trust myself and my decisions i've made in life, this will then open me up to trust my friends, coworkers, and hopefully, potential mate in life.
calm--i will learn to let go, and i will learn to relax.

the year's half way over...but i don't feel as though i'm half-way there.
not even close.

time to reset and commit.

Monday, September 20, 2010


out of control and absolutely delicious.

as photo-ed at london fashion week by tommy ton.

boobs out on the runway.

boobs on the runway is neither sexy nor shocking and i'm SO over it.

maybe if it was a white dress shirt unbuttoned just to there channeling a naughty secretary madmen revival, but a sheer shirt with full on nipple i just find distracting and mildly disturbing in an 'i watch you shower through a peephole' sort of way.

boobs out at jason wu.

boobs out at alexander wang.

boobs out at thaikoon.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

fall=boot season

i found these today and i think i'm in love.
they'll love me for a long time and keep me warm at night. i wonder if they like cats and cuddling.

over the knee boots by jeffrey campbell. i'd give you a link, but i want to be the first and only to own them.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

clogs update.

somebody please take away my credit card because for some reason, i think these are the best things since sliced bread.

creative constipation.

i got a bit of flack at a baby shower yesterday for not maintaining my blog.
so i promised i'd blog today. this one's going out to you katy lewis. you'd better be reading.

the problem is, i'm a bit stuck lately. you could say i'm creatively constipated.

i wanted to blog about things i'm inspired by or mildly obsessed with...but at the moment i'm in a bit of a dark and uninspired place.
perhaps that's why the two biggest items i've been craving lately is a pair of nude colored legging and a black leather handbag with feminine details?

both are simple and uncomplicated. reflective of how i'd like my life to be right now.

i'm not sure if this mood is vacation backlash or a PMS preview, but whatever it is, i'd appreciate if it'd lift itself as i kind of have some designing to do.
(i had to draw a picture of the leggings...but if anyone knows where i can find a pair of ballerina pink leggings with little gold zips at the ankles, please let me know. the bag is chloe, and if i were to find a thousand dollars on the street, this bag would magically appear on my arm.)