Sunday, July 18, 2010

shoe porn

ever since celine launched their wooden clogs for spring'10, i've been a bit, em...obsessed. like, 'gotta get me some clogs or else my heart just might stop beating tomorrow' obsessed. and since moving to vancouver, i do not wear any sort of elevated footwear, at all. the most elevated my feet have been in the last 10 months is heels over toes in down dog.

but these gorgeous creatures have been occupying my every dream:

forget hooking a hot guy on POF....i'd rather have these keeping me warm at night.

after scouring the streets of new york back in april and coming up empty handed, i'd almost forgotten about my little obsession until i was leafing through marie claire on the way to asia last week and discovered a nearly identical pair of lucky brand wedges. i cannot find them anywhere.
other knockoffs are too heel-like. their wedge was similar was the slope of the platform and full-coverage leather upper that i'm beginning to wonder of the editors at marie clare have mislabeled their photo.

i mean, these JC's are close, but...

and there's a big difference between the slid, and the full on clog. full-on is much more chanel, much less celine:

i have the non-wedge version of these. fans at work call them my 'armadillo shoes'. really here nor there, they're just rad. but they're still not celine.

and these are just awesome. in my new york strutting pre-vancouver life, these would be mine.

if i respond, it's for the automatic win.

'...from someone not stupid enough to waste their time on here, yet again. if you really like VERY well hung men, please talk to me. If not, then please just delete this message. Thanks.'

i kind of want to call and meat...i up just so i can maybe snap a photo...

so wrong....

bet yet so kind of an 'f-you and your 10 months of rain vancouver....i'm still going to look like a bad a$$'