Wednesday, February 3, 2010

happiness in hong kong can be found at the bottom of a can of guiness.

1 can guiness + 1 pomelo + 1 mug full of muesli = 1 happy katie.

i'm in asia...the last leg of a two week emergency 'get in and get samples before CNY' factory tour. hong kong is usually the highlight of my trip, however, by this point in my trip i'm so over asians (no offense guys--rickshaw dumpling is one of my favorite places to eat at in NYC) and so over random asian fast food (THAT you can take offense to. fast food korean, japanese, chinese--it's all disgusting. especially the plastic food displays...i mean, i like to know what the hell i'm eating, but come on!)

anyway, after wandering the food court of a supposedly amazing grocery store, i finally settled on a can of guiness, fresh pomelo, and an early preview of the muesli i purchased for tomorrow's breakfast.

the guiness was absolutely brilliant.

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